Sony debuts new headset, SmartWatch, NFC tags as Smart Extras for Android

Allen Phoenix
Even after all their huge announcements yesterday, Sony is still hard at work showing off hardware and gadgets at CES today. Sony just released some press info for three new accessories they’re calling Smart Extras for Android.


First up is the Smart Wireless Headset pro, “the Bluetooth headset that does it all.” Connected to your Android phone via Bluetooth, the Smart Wireless Headset pro features a small receiver that displays text messages, emails, calendar notifications and more. You can also disconnect the headset from your phone and use it as a standalone MP3 player.

The SmartWatch is Sony’s answer to, well, smart watches. Used as a companion to your Android device, Sony’s SmartWatch will actually feature special downloadable apps that will be available from the Android Market.

The most interesting of Sony’s Smart Extras are SmartTags. SmartTags are little NFC tags that can be placed at work, in the car or next to your bed that are used for activating a “pre-configured profile” for your device, such as the alarm clock or GPS. Sony says SmartTags are customizable, so we imagine there’s some pretty creative things people are gonna do with these.

What do you think of Sony’s Smart Extras? Any of them look enticing? Personally, I’d like some SmartTags. If nothing else, just to play around with.

Source: Sony

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