[Promocodes Giveaway] Use Your iPhone As A Engine Tester to Your Car

Adria Ho

You know what some people just have that that kind of ability to discover a little unwell of an engine by a sound, like some engine geek or experienced guys. But if you don’t have that gift, you would need a tool, just like the app called The Engine Tester.

If engine is the heart of a vehicle, then the Engine Tester app makes your iPhone just like a thermometer to test the situation of your car engine, portable, simple and convenient. It can’t be more easier to proceed the test. You just fill in details of your car, such as make, model, year, number of cylinders, litre capacity and fuel. Then you record a 10-second sound clip from the exhaust when you started the engine. And soon, the apps will return a report to tell you the situation of your engine, healthy or faulty. The whole process is so simple and intuitive.

You can take a look at the video demonstrate below:

Besides the main feature to test the engine, it gets another practical feature, the car checklist. That’s very necessary for drivers who are poor in car knowledge. The Checklist is a series of suggested areas of the car you should check, nothing complicated. Click each item, it would tip you with clear and concise instructions about what to do and what is the standard.

The UI is very neat, and it’s very easy to proceed every feature when you first get the app. But there is one thing I don’t feel good, the app should create something like a personal file for a car. Every time I start a new test I have to fill the information again. I don’t like the repeat. I hope they would release an update for this.

Overall speaking, this app is very necessary for users who don’t’ have a condition to get a professional check of his vehicle often. That makes the engine detective so easy in daily life. As it could be a daily app, It would be prefect if there could be a feature like log. Anyway this is really a potential app.



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The Engine Tester The Engine Tester
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