Oni: Light Control for Windows Phone - Remote Lighting

Cindy Lai
Oni:Light ControlOni: Light Control
Walk into your living room, play some nice music, and simply say "Set lights to Dusk". All will run you $3.99.

Here is a pretty nice looking app to help you use your Philips Hue set up using your Windows Phone. The app is wonderfully built and looks like it is a snap to configure. Only downside is the actual hardware as a Philips Hue starter pack will cost you near $300.

It is pretty damn cool though, especially that you can create custom colors for your room by using pictures from your phone.

Setup your Moods / the colorful representation of your digital self

Colorize it: Create customized moods by adjusting the hue of each connected bulb for the rooms in your home.
Make it your own: You can also use picture from your library as a color source.

Light control has excellent native voice command support. Activate your phone voice command feature and tell your lights what to set the mood to.

Examples Commands

“Set lights in the bedroom to Dawn.”
“Set lights to Purple Rain.”
“Set lights off”
“Set lights back to normal.”

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