Space Settlers is The First and Nice Online Sci-Fi RTS Game for iOS

Adria Ho

Space Settlers a free online multiplayer sci-fi game manages to feature both mecha combat and real-time strategy in it. The mixing genre is a first on iOS. The exquisite graphics and grand scenes create a really great looking game. If you are a fan of Sci-fi online game or you are some advanced player and searching for some new challenge, this game definitely worth your attention.

The whole game is all about invasion and occupation. Interactive processes take place in battles between the settlers, players also can just explore or exchange settlers with other players, of course, that might proceed both peacefully or with force.

Space Settlers has a complex storyline that revolves around the God Particle and Dark Energy Crystals. However, the gameplay is very simple, and the design is intuitive, easy and of course unique. You start to build your base in the First Space Settler Age, yes traditionally start. And, there would be step-by-step guide and plenty gifts for new player in the beginning to help you start.

Mecha refitting is an important part of your building life. You would get the blueprints of as many as 25 types of mecha chariots free with the increase of tech levels, and you can also refit every chariot as you wish. There are plenty of accessories provided for you to create unique mecha chariots for your own.

Now our buildings and chariots are great now, then it’s time to conquer other planets. For what?Of course to settle and gain extra supplies. The highlight of the game is here, it requires real-time strategy, you are not free any more after you set all the units there. But we can only operate one chariot in a battle, so you have to choose the strongest one. Clear all the turrets, and blow up the enemy’s main base, you win, and you can settle now. And after that, this is a place for you to defend now, or it would be taken away, just like how you get it. The defense system is also based on the levels. You should pay attentions to volume of the planes. The bigger it is, the harder to conquer. You won’t like to be defeated.

When you are not newer any more, something would interest you still is the online multi-player feature . You would love the legion war feature. Invite your friends to huge space create legion, start a epic war to conquer new planets.

Overall speaking, Space Settlers is remarkable, especially its real-time battle and legion system. You can rarely find that on iOS platform. Nice graphics, soundtrack and UI, and it’s free to play. If you are searching for some untraditional strategy online game, this is something you are waiting for. Maybe your friends have been there already.




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Space Settlers Space Settlers
Space Settlers is an online multi-player Sci-Fi game for iOS iPhone iPad, featuring "mecha combat and real-time strategy".

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