[PromoCodes Giveaway] No Deadlines, Keep It Green is An Easy and Must-Have To-do App

Adria Ho

Keep It Green is a simple to-do list manager app for people to manage not for work but to create good habits. It creates the new to-do management logic, that is, you don’t need a calendar to manage what you to do, you just need to pay attention to the frequency of habits but not every detailed timing. This is would probably not suit for someone who loves to keep everything on time, but it’s perfect for those people who hates to be restrict by schedules, deadlines and plans.

This app looks quite familiar with Clear, which is extremely famous last year for its simple and elegant, but Keep It Green is even simple. All the main UI focus on one page, and all the operations are completed by gestures - pull down to add a habit, swipe right to mark complete, swipe left to delete a habit, tap to display statistics diagram, and long tap to edit the habit. Unlike other to-do apps, all the details you need to edit is the name and the frequency of the habit, such like three times a week, four times a month. And the app will show you how you keep going with your habits visually with different colors. Red means you don’t’ devote enough time to this habit, and green means you are doing go with the habit, so it is called ‘Keep It Green’. Also it gets an everyday reminder to remind you to check your habits each date, you can turn off it if you hate it to become an alarm to you.

So Keep It Green is not an app to manage your work to do, but to help you develop good habits, casual and easily, without pressure. I am kind like this app, oh, it remind me I should pay more time to swim this month. If you are a part of people want to develop some habit without pressure, Keep It Green is a nice one.

Keep It Green is only available on the Apple Store for $1.99, but now we have 10 promocodes to giveaway. Just join our Giveaway event on our forum, and leave your Emails address, you can win it for free.

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Keep It Green - Habit maker Keep It Green - Habit maker
Keep It Green is a program which will help you develop new habits, get read of bad ones, plan any regular activities. Without strict plans, deadlines and rules. Without limits.

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