Princess PAJAMA is a Must-Play Strategy

Adria Ho
Princess PAJAMA is a free-to-play 2D strategy game. I really like the games' surprisingly battle design and fight experience. Various difficulty mode and kindly much coins will match different players' preferences. Worth to have a play.


The beautiful princess was kidnapped by monsters! As the Hero, you start the trip to rescue her from the monsters' den! But when you finally got the princess, only to find she was still sleeping in her pajama... Yet got the princess is just the beginning, young Hero, the real adventure is to protect the princess and escape from the monsters' den, where monsters are everywhere!

Yet the story of the Princess PAJAMA is some kind of old-fashioned, but you are more than a Super Mario. The game set up is quite well, and the comics among the game is very funny. The Princess is in pajamas and carring the pillow through all the trip and fights with our Hero. Sometimes she inexplicably falls, she's definitely not a noble but a cute Princess.

Princess PAJAMA is a free-to-play strategy game made with 2D horizontal plate style. Graphics is nice, characters looks pretty cartoon like many Korean games do. Though it's free, it's attack effects looks and sounds quite wonderful, even the most basic strokes looks pretty beautiful. And in the battle, you have to defeat the all the enemies to break through the defense lines, or to kill every boss as a victory.

The control is based on both virtual joystick and shortcut keys. In the battle, player can summon units to join the battle, or use different items to help you out of the dangerous.

There are four mode of difficulty, and when you entered the second stage, you can challenge each small level in three difficulty. There are plenty difficult levels, however, if you challenge hardest level in the most simple mode, you might still face painful battle. Thus, different kinds of players would find the level for their own.  Besides, the game will offer some awards if you complet levels fast enough. The short you took to pass the level, you get more keys. These keys can be used to open the treasure chest when you passed the level.

All the attacks, skills and combos you took will cost your SP, and to summone units will cost your MP. The SP/MP will recover as time passes, but you can gain better upper limit and better recovery speed of SP/MP by improving the hero's level. The there key equipments: ring, jewelry and PAJAMA will bring Hero and the princess additional ability, and how to match them is up to you. Only, the  princess is out of your control for most time...

The hero can summon 5 kinds of magical creature and 4 kinds of special creature. Each kind of creature has its special ability, and they will gain new abilities as the hero's level rises.

At last, it cost coins to purchase all the items and to unlock new creature. You can earn coins by challenging levels repeatly, also you can purchase coins in built-in shop with real money. Just on the beginning, you might feel so hard to earn coins, but when you passed the first stage, you will get them gradually.

Overall speaking, Princess PAJAMA is a nice game with surprisingly battle design and fight experience. Various difficulty mode and kindly much coins will match different players' preferences. And don't forget it's free, worth to have a play.


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