Make the General Preference Pane Easier to Spot With 'highlightGeneral'

Adria Ho

It seems that with each major iOS update, Apple adds more preference panes to iOS’s Settings application. In addition, when we install a lot of jailbreak tweaks, we also tend to add a lot of preference panes to iOS’ Settings application. At some point, it gets harder and harder to find what we’re looking for because the list of preference panes in the Settings application can get really long.

A free jailbreak tweak that just came out in Cydia today called highlightGeneral by iOS developer DngayRas attempts to make it easier to spot the General preferences pane in the Settings application when your list of preference panes get really long.

It’s a minor modification that colors the General preference pane blue, while leaving all of the rest of the preferences panes black. The General preference pane is a pane that we use often to adjust our settings, so it could be useful if you have a long list of preference panes. If you have a short list of preference panes, you might not need the tweak, unless you like the looks of the blue label.

Right now the tweak doesn't offer a whole lot of flexibility, and it has no options to configure. It would be cool if the developer included the ability to select the color that you want, and the ability to apply the color to any preference pane that you want in a future update. On the other hand, if you find it to be getting harder to spot your General preference pane, you can give highlightGeneral a try.

Name: highlightGeneral
Price: FREE
Version: 1.0-1
Repo: BigBoss

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