'TypingPrivacy' Keeps Your Recipient From Seeing When You're Typing an iMessage

Adria Ho

Apple's iMessage is nice… but sometimes it just takes things too far. One such example is how it shows everyone when you’re typing a message. Seriously, Apple… where’s the privacy there?!

A new jailbreak tweak called TypingPrivacy by iOS developer joedj now allows you to enable and disable the ellipsis bubble that appears for the recipient when you’re typing a message through iMessage, as shown above.

The tweak only comes with one option to configure. When you go into your Messages preference pane (the tweak doesn’t add a preference pane of its own, instead integrates into the Messages preference pane), you will find a new option called “Send Typing Notifications.” When you enable it, the recipient of your iMessage can see when you're typing. When you disable it, the recipient of your iMessage won't be able to see when you're typing:

The tweak only works on the device(s) that you have installed the tweak on, so if you go to another iOS device that you have your iMessage account set up on that doesn't have TypingPrivacy installed on it, and you type from that device, the ellipsis will still show. So, you’ll want to install this tweak on all of your jailbroken iOS devices that you send iMessages from.

It's a great tweak for privacy, since a lot of us hate being snooped on. If you want to grab TypingPrivacy, it's available in Cydia right now!

Name: TypingPrivacy
Price: 99¢
Version: 1.0-1
Requirements: iOS 5+
Repo: BigBoss


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