DisableNC+ Lets You Choose Apps to Disable Notification Center In

Adria Ho

Notification Center is a useful part of iOS sometimes, however there are some applications where performing necessary swipe gestures in the application might interfere with the Notification Center grabber, or Notification Center itself. To help fix this problem, a new jailbreak tweak called DisableNC+ by iOS developer _iceNuts has been released.

DisableNC+ is an upgraded version of the free DisableNC Switch tweak that we showed you in April. The DisableNC Switch tweak would automatically disable the Notification Center grabber in full-screen applications. DisableNC+ is a little different in that it lets you choose the applications you want to disable Notification Center for (even non-full-screen applications). Additionally, it disables Notification Center for those applications outright, and not just the Notification Center grabber.

To configure the applications that you want to disable Notification Center in, you can go into the Settings application and look under the DisableNC+ preferences pane. Here, you’ll be able to enable the tweak for the applications that you want to disable Notification Center in:

DisableNC+ won’t disable Notification Center on your home screen; only in the applications that you choose. So it won’t break Notification Center on you. If you play games like Fruit Ninja and don’t want your swipe gestures being falsely understood as a command to open Notification Center anymore, then DisableNC+ is a tweak worth checking out.

DisableNC+ is only for iOS 6. iOS 5 users are advised to use the DisableNC Switch tweak, although it has fewer features.

Name: DisableNC+
Price: $1
Version: 1.0.0-3
Repo: BigBoss


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