ThinkInvisible for Windows Phone another one in the Logos Quiz genre

Cindy Lai
ThinkInvisible ThinkInvisible
ThinkInvisible is a new game for Windows Phone another that gets its inspiration from the Logos Quiz genre.


ThinkInvisible is a new game for Windows Phone another that gets its inspiration from the Logos Quiz genre. I have to admit I was not a big fan when I first heard the concept but decided to pick it up for review and I am happy that I did. According tot he developers they have mixed optical illusion with a puzzle game to create a brain training puzzle game that will help you discover how your imagination works and what your brain is capable of.

When you launch the game you see a short intro to the game followed by the level selector screen , there are 9 levels in total I did not feel any sense of increasing difficulty as they progress. Each level offers 9 different puzzle for you to unlock. The puzzles only show up a small portion of the image ( which can be a logo or picture of a famous landmark or person ) and the number of characters in the word, with this info you have to guess the item. When you click on the picture a a small portion of the fog of war is cleared and you can see a bit more of the image , you get one more chance and another spot is revealed. The next 2 clicks will reveal the first and last alphabets in the word. If you still have no clue as to what the item is you are given the option to share it on facebook and twitter so your mates could help you out. If all else fails you can you can ask the app to reveal the answer to you ( you only have a limited amount of these, so use them wisely ). If all else fails just ask me and I will post the answers here.

The games has some nice audio clips when you successfully identify and answer a puzzle but some of them have a horrible static background noise to it which can be annoying, I wish they would tidy up the audio a bit so the experience remains pleasurable. Currently there is only a limited number of puzzle to solve in there but the devs have promised to add more to it soon , hopefully they deliver on it. The game seems to be completely free on Windows Phone unlike on the android where its a freemium title where 2 levels are free and then you have to purchase the other levels.


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