Boom Brigade 2 hits Windows Phone 8

Cindy Lai
Boom Brigade 2 Boom Brigade 2
There is a free trial version available for Boom Brigade 2 and the full version is currently running $2.49. You can find it all here in the Windows Phone Store.


Windows Phone developers 10tons have produced some fantastic games for Windows Phone 8 devices. You have King Oddball, Tennis to the Face and now you can add Boom Brigade 2 to the list. Boom Brigade 2 is a tower defense, top down shooter where you have to defend your bunker from invading aliens.

Boom Brigade 2 is a unique hybrid of fast paced top down shooter action, thoughtful line drawing and tactical strategy gaming. In the Campaign game mode featuring 30 missions, the player must defend a strategic target from an onslaught of bloodthirsty aliens by issuing orders to a handful of hard-as-nails Troopers.

The Troopers fire their devastating weapons – miniguns, bazookas, flame throwers – automatically as the aliens enter their range of fire, allowing the player to concentrate on maneuvering the Troopers to the best positions and away from danger. Moving the Troopers is as simple as drawing a path, and Tactical Mode allows the player to pause the action for detailed orders.

Game options cover sound/music levels and player profiles allow you to set up multiple profiles for Boom Brigade 2 to avoid you losing your progress when a friend wants to play.

In tapping the play button from the main menu, you'll be sent to the missions screen which has four chapters of missions that progressively unlock as you complete the previous missions. You also have an assortment of survival missions that become available as you make your way through the primary missions.  You can also view your Boom Brigade 2 achievements from the missions screen.

The game screen is laid out fairly simple with your ranking and wave number across the top of the screen. Somewhere on the screen is your bunker and your troops (varies in number) weapons range is illustrated by a green circle around each soldier. You move your soldiers by tapping on them and drawing a movement line. Any alien that comes within that green circle is fired upon automatically. Different weapons have different fire rates, damage level and effective ranges. At the start of each mission you'll have the option to equip each soldier with whatever arms are available.  The further you advance in the game, the more weapons choices you'll have.

Graphic and animations are fantastic (especially when the base blows up), game play is fast paced, and with thirty (all re-playable) missions plus survival missions there's plenty of gaming to be had. All totaled, Boom Brigade 2 is great way to pass the time and a fine addition to the Windows Phone 8 gaming library.

source: wpc

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