Boom! PandaZune For Windows Phone Download Now! (Version 1.1 Beta Update)

Cindy Lai


Great news for Windows Phone Pandaapp users, we are working on PandaZune for a long time, and finally we make it available, so what is PandaZune? Check it out:

And guys leave your any comment or advice about PandaZune will be appreciated.

PandaZune for Windows PC is an application suite. PandaZune can let Windows phone users search the Pandaapp Marketplace application, download the xap packages and deploy any application to a WP7 device.  Like other apps in Pandaapp, PandaZune is totally free for unlocked windows phone 7 users, here are some clarified key features in PandaZune:

What's New in Version 1.1beta

·Added download and installing statusbar
·Fix some bugs.

PandaZune version1.1(beta) Key features:

1. Deploy local xap files into Windows Phone 7 device without Zune;

2. Pandaapp Widnows Phone Marketplace embedded;

3. Fast download and deploy xap files all in PandaZune;

4. Manage the xap files downloaded by PandaZune;

5. Mango supported!

6. The latest Windows Phone news keep you informed.


Note:This is a beta version, there is a problem still unsolved, please do not click the “Refresh” button when PandaZune is downloading or installing the XAP files, or it will result PandaZune crashed.

And do not disconnect your device with PC in the process of xap installation.

We hope to hear from you if you have any advice or suggestion on PandaZune beta version, Email:


• Windows Phone 7 device (unlocked)

• Windows PC with Microsoft .NET Framework 4

• It should require the Windows Phone SDK because the dependency of Microsoft.Smartdevice.Connectivity.dll assembly

Note: Following steps need PC Suite for Windows Phone get installed on your PC first:

Step 1:

Download the language you need from this Page: Download Language Pack

Step 2:

Unzip the the file you download, you will get a "Language.txt" file,Note: DO NOT RENAME.

Step 3:

Find the Path where the "PC Suite" you've installed on your PC, just like "C(or D):\Program Files\NetDragon\91 Mobile\pandazune\language" then you will find the "language" folder, and Copy the "Language.txt" file (From Step 2) to instead of this "language" folder.

Step 4:

Restart or Start your PC Suite, enjoy your familiar PC Suite Now!!!

More Language Pack Wanted:

Right now we have got English to choose, but I know that's not far enough, so if you want to own your familiar PC Suite, Just tanslante the English language pack into your language:

Just Choose one "Language.txt" file(Find it in "Language.txt folder) , and open it as a txt file,then you can tanslate them.

If you want to share the lang file you've translated, just send it to me via Email, then we will put it on the PC Suite download Page to let more people can use it, Big thanks for guys who always support PC Suite and Pandaapp.

Have a look how to use PandaZune:


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