Hands-Free to Google on iOS With VoiceSearch Tweak

Adria Ho

If you are someone who rely much on Google, then you should be glad to have such a tweak that can Google anywhere – and even better, with your voice. With VoiceSearch by iOS developer Guillermo Moran, you can use your voice to perform a Google search without having to open a Web browser and type in your query in the Google search bar.

VoiceSearch is used with Activator, a free application by Ryan Petrich that listens for specific user-invoked gestures to perform actions chosen by the user. After setting an Activator action to use with VoiceSearch, the user can then invoke their chosen action to launch the VoiceSearch interface and start Google-searching with their voice. The interface is clean and simple, and looks like the screenshots shown above.

The user can tap on the ‘cancel’ button to cancel their voice query, or they can tap on the ‘done’ button after speaking to launch their default Web browser with their vocal question loaded up in the Google search results. Saying, "This is a test for ModMyi" will yield this result:

The feature is great to have for devices that don’t have Siri or Siri dictation installed on them. If you do have Siri dictation, you will have to tap on a text field and then tap on the microphone key to perform what this jailbreak tweak does without all the extraneous taps – even if you do have Siri on your device, VoiceSearch could be better for you since it requires less steps to use.

If you are using Ryan Petrich’s BrowserChooser jailbreak tweak, the VoiceSearch tweak will open whatever browser you have set as your default Web browser. In this instance, Google Chrome was selected as our default browser, so Google Chrome was launched with our voice query. If you don’t use BrowserChooser, Safari will open up with your query as expected.

The tweak has no options to configure except for selecting the Activator action you want to use with it. If you want an easy way to use Google hands-free, then this tweak works great and is worth looking into. You can find VoiceSearch on Cydia via BigBoss repo for free.

via modmyi

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