Daily Weather+, A Beautiful Weather App With Newspaper-look

Adria Ho

Daily Weather is a new app that enable your current weather a newspaper look and allows you to turn the page over to get to the next view. The bright visuals of the app mixed together with the page turn sound effects actually make it quite a quirky and fun app to use.

When the app is launched and has printed the weather newspaper on your device, the main interface is packed with information that is laid out perfectly and makes great use of the available screen real-estate on the device. The interface visuals include a newspaper headline that indicates whether it is displaying the current or forecasted weather, as well as a smaller sub-headline that displays the location that the weather is being pulled from. Users can manually specify a location or use the GPS on the device to pull the current location.

Wind factor, current humidity as well as the current temperature in Celsius of Fahrenheit or just a handful of the pieces of information that are displayed on the main current conditions view with that being stripped back to a daily high and low temperature on the forecasted pages. The fact that Daily Weather+ displays real-time weather information, updating automatically and displayed in a beautiful Retina-ready user-interface definitely propels it toward the top of the must-have weather apps list.

Daily Weather is now available for iPhone and iPhone touch, and you can download it from Pandaapp now.

Daily Weather+Daily Weather+
Daily Weather is a new iPhone and iPod Touch app that gives you the current weather like a real newspaper! Flip through the pages with the tip of your finger to view the weather forecasts for the week.

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