Megatroid: A Nice Looked 3D Platformer

Adria Ho

Megatroid from the creators of Wisp: Eira’s Tale is just available on iOS. This game appears very Mega Man inspired, with lots of running and gunning and some elaborate boss fights.

The big selling point for this attractive blaster is the presence of dynamically generated levels, which should hopefully mean no two games are alike. Except for the whole 'killing hordes of The Imperium' element, which is a universal thing

You play as a lone space heroine named Hali fighting an expansive evil empire called the Imperium. You get hold of a teleportation-like device that can instantly send you to any of the Imperium’s vast network of space stations by typing in any address, and you embark on a mission to bring the empire down by taking the space stations out one by one.

And what’s great is that the random element ensures nearly endless levels.

Megatroid is now live on Pandaapp. Try it yourself.

MEGATROID is a fun and engaging platform game that lets you type in anything You want and play it! MEGATROID generates its stages and makes it possible for you to play a different one every time You pick up the game! If you're a fan of Megaman or just love really awesome platformers; this is THE game for You!

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