The Weather Channel 2.0 for Windows Phone Adds Innovative Features

Cindy Lai


Nokia’s version of the Weather Channel’s app has been updated to version 2.0 which is completely redesigned and brings some fantastic new features along with it. The Weather Channel app has been my favorite weather app for Windows Phone ever since they added the double sided live tiles that show radar maps in addition to the forcast. That feature is still there of course, but we’ve also got some new things.

First of all you’ve got a new panoramic layout design.  The Now panel also shows the next two days and has a link for forcast details which nicely adds more information including sunrise/sunset times, along with hourly, and 10-day forcast panoramas.  The radar map hasn’t changed too much but now supports showing your location and feels a bit smoother when panning during a radar animation.  It also supports displaying landmarks.

A big new feature is the Augmented Reality section.  This turns the camera on and shows which direction you’re pointing it along with spots with other “iWitness” network members have posted photos.  Then there’s the “Amazing Weather Moments” section which is just a selection of nice-looking weather-related user-submitted photos.  There’s a spot where you can configure “My Amazing Weather” day alerts.  Basically you choose a range of weather conditions that are going to be optimal for a specific activity like going to the beach.  The Weather Channel app will then keep you updated and alert you when the forecast predicts a day that might match your criteria.

Then there’s “My Friends’ Weather”.  This feature lets you specify friends who’s weather you want to keep track of.  It will let you choose friends from your contacts list and it will automatically load weather based on where they live (according to your contacts database).  If they don’t have a location set, you can add one manually.  You can also add up to 5 favorites to the primary “My Friends’ Weather” panel for easy checking.  What’s more, you can pin your friends’ weather to your start screen.  The live tile generated will show your friend’s photo and flip over periodically to show the weather in their area.

If you have a Nokia branded Windows Phone, you can download Weather 2.0 here.


via: pocketnow

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