Metro U iPad Brings The Windows 8 Tablet Experience To iPad

Adria Ho

We have introducd the dreamboard iOS theme - Metroon. This provided an iPhone or iPod user a windows 8 experience on their iPhone in the form of a theme. It was not the most functional of themes, but it gave a very nice feeling of what Windows 8 will look like on a handset. Similarly, a new theme has recently been released into cydia aptly named ‘Metro U iPad’, and it accomplishes the same sort of function - but for your iPad. Watch the video walkthrough below to get a feeling of how it performs:

As with any Dreamboard theme, this is never going to add functionality to your device - if anything it takes it away. You have to weigh up whether you want your iPad to perform well, with a pretty awesome theme on it, or perform as you’d expect an iPad to perform in stock iOS. Some touches become unresponsive, however that’s more a pitfall with Dreamboard than the theme.

Sad things are that it looked so crisp on the new iPad, and it is is the lack of themed icons. Besides, when you run into an application which you use in your everyday workflow, such as Google Chrome, and it’s not themed - it becomes a major annoyance to have a horrible looking stretched icon on your homepage.

Metro U iPad is $2.99 on Cydia on the MacCiti repo.

via JBN

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