Little Acorns is now gathering nuts on the Marketplace

Cindy Lai
Little Acorns Little Acorns
Guide Mr. Nibbles the acorn hoarding squirrel through a variety of levels in this charming platforming adventure. Collect the acorns scattered around each zone to stock up for winter. Featuring super simple controls, a variety of game mechanics with a cute and lovable look, Little Acorns is an adventure that is completely at home on Windows Phone



That’s right, Little Acorns from Chillingo and Electronic Arts is now on the Marketplace!

Little Acorns is a traditional 2D platformer starring a squirrel who reportedly enjoys acorns. In fact, the goal of each level is to recover all of your stolen acorns and then reach the exit. That’s just a ‘basic clear’ though. To fully clear the level, you must also gather five fruits that appear after the acorns have been collected plus finish under the speedrun time.

The fruits unlock four types of clothing and accessories for your squirrel (head, face, body, and ropes), which can be equipped as soon as each level ends. Some levels also require the player squirrel to gather up his children. Jump while catching a falling kid squirrel on level 5 to nab your first Achievement, ‘Nice Catch!’

One area of concern with mobile platformers is that of controls. With no physical d-pad or buttons to rely on, developers basically have to choose between either virtual or tilt controls. Little Acorns relies on touch-screen buttons for movement and jumping. I’m pleased to report the controls function very well – with only left, right, and jump to worry about, it’s not hard at all to keep your fingers in place during gameplay.

Little Acorns costs $2.99 and there is a free trial. Grab it on the Marketplace and start gathering those nuts!

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