UnCurl: An Amazing Tweak for Unlock & Notification Centre![Video]

Adria Ho


The unlock animation tweak is another title that developers love to play. Another new tweak is now available in Cydia called UnCurl by iOS developers danyl and Ori Kadosh. The tweak, as the name implies, gives you a curling animation when either unlocking your iOS device from the lock screen, or opening Notification Center. Awesome!

If you’ve seen a curling animation for the lock screen like this in Cydia before, don’t count UnCurl out just yet. It applies to Notification Center as well. In addition, UnCurl is fine-tuned and has a lot of options for changing the way the animation reacts to your finger on the screen. These extra elements push it past the competition in quality and completeness. Its options can be found in the Settings application under the UnCurl preferences pane:

The options are very neatly organized so you can hop right in and get it the way you like it. First and foremost, you are given the ability to enable and disable either the lock screen or Notification Center animations on demand, which is great for picky people that only want the animation in one place, but not the other included.

From the Notification Center section of the options, you can choose to hide or show the Notification Center tab that appears when you are in a full-screen application, as some would agree that the tab would look strange with the animation – some on the other hand, may think it looks good. The developers also give you the option to change the curl radius, which basically changes how rapidly or slowly the animation occurs as you drag your finger down the screen.

From the lock screen section of the options, you can choose to change the text of the slider to anything you would like (the default is "curl to unlock" to match the animation) and you can adjust the curl radius the same way you can with the Notification Center section. The curl radius is adjusted in both sections with a slider and no respring is necessary for the options to take affect as they are immediate.

Here is a demo from JBN:

The tweak is only compatible with the iPhone or iPod touch running iOS 5 – not the iPad. You can find UnCurl today in the ModMyi repository for $0.99. Do you like it?

via ModMyi vai JBN

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