Cut the Rope: Experiments Review

ZeptoLab goes it alone, in this pseudo sequel to one of the best physics puzzlers out there…

ZeptoLab goes it alone, in this pseudo sequel to one of the best physics puzzlers out there…

It’s the same highly addictive and intuitive gameplay as before, but with a few additions and change of scenery. As the title suggests the game takes place in a lab after Om Nom gets delivered in his box to a mad scientist. This actually makes more sense than the first game, with the scientist trying out different ways of getting the candy to Om Noms awaiting jaws.

The main objective is still to cut the rope and swing the attached candy down, or up, to Om Nom, while collecting as many of the three stars as possible. There are three chapters to play through. The first reintroduces you to what you learned in the first game, including: basic ropes, bubbles, air pumps, spikes, spiders and pulleys; while the other two chapters focuses on the new abilities. There are three brand new objects at your disposal: the first are bouncy platforms which, when combine with rope, allows you to bounce your candy around the stage and into stars; the next item is the shooter, when pressed it shoots out a rope and anchors the candy; lastly you have suction cups, these are detachable rope anchors. You can’t move them, but when you tap them they will fall along with the candy until you tap once more to anchor them in place.

These three new objects are designed with a higher emphasis on reactions times in mind. With each requiring the correct timing to get the candy to Om Nom, let alone catch any of he stars. The rope shooters, especially, require precise timing when activating, with many of the levels starting out with candy already in mid drop.

Despite these new items and a host of new levels, Cut the rope experiments feels more like an expansion pack to the previous game, and doesn’t move things on enough to become a true sequel. I expect Zeptolab wanted to have this as a standalone game to avoid any money going to their former distributor Chillingo, and may have originally intended to release it as downloadable content in the original. Experiments is also very short, I completed it in around an hour. However, these games have always been about DLC, so expect more levels to come.

Cut the rope experiments then is very much more of the same. But when more of the same is this good, then it’s not always a bad thing. Yes, I’d like to see Zeptolab push the series further and in new directions, but if you do pick this up, you won’t be disappointed.

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