Gorgeous Pokemon Adventure: Monster Paradise Review

Adria Ho

You know that I am a terrible fan of Pokemon. I always imagined that I was in an adventure that recruiting all kinds of monsters with fantasy powers and conquering everything to become a master. Now I have found my dream in Monster Paradise! There are over 500 monsters you are gonna meet, 60 areas, 180+ quests to be explored, PvP battle with online players, and challenging boss level Dark Monsters!

Monster Paradise by Aeria Games and Entertainment, is a free to play adventure game with a card battle elements and beautiful Japanese comic style graphics. Very easy to start the game, the touch control is right for the game and the UI offers a lot convenience. You can easily find your destinations whatever where you are.

At the very beginning of the adventure, you should choose a role with a specified element (fire, wind or water). That will affect what monsters will be conferred combat bonuses, and your strategy about the monster fusion and management.

There are three targets in Monster Paradise: quest the unknown areas, tablet battle with other players in single and guild, and customize a team to fight evil bosses!

In the Quest challenging mode, you and your monsters will walk down a path, in a cave, village, mountain range, etc. Each step you take will cost a commitment of stamina, but your experience and gold will be increasing meanwhile. During every step, except the gold the monsters, you might also meet other players. In that case you have an option to provide a “shout out” , you will gain 3 summoning points used to get a free monster. You will meet a little boss when you reach the end of each quest line. When you defeat the boss you will gain a chance to choose the monsters to walk with you and the monster will become a fusion capable choice.

If the stamina is ran out, it take quite some time to cool down, unless you reached new level, your stamina will be refreshed and points are awarded to increase your maximum in that area, attack or defense (more on that later). If you don’t want to pay for the money to reduce the waiting time, you can turn over to tablet battle or guilds battle with over players now.

The multiplayer options in Monster Paradise built up a social connection as well. Each player has a page with public information. And each one gets a massage board, you can communicate with other players with the massage board, and you can learn a lot from the board as well.

You can start or apply into a guild with other players to fight with some stronger monsters. Each collective will receive an egg, it will hatch after level 10. This is the second way to gain a new monster except I mentioned above on the Quest adventure. There are other two ways to gain new monsters, the easiest way is to wait for the daily free “normal summon”. If you are lucky enough, you might encounter “Dark Monsters” that randomly emerge and it will award you with special tickets for summoning monsters.

Tablet battles are exciting. On each Dragon Tablet, you can find the players who are carrying pieces of the tablet. You can use your MP to attack them to steal their pieces. Each tablet has six different pieces, collect all of them and you’ll unlock a unique rare monster. Meanwhile you will face challenges when you are carrying the pieces, so you have the risk to loss the pieces ever minute. The monster you unlocked on each tablet is extremely powerful, of course the battle would not be easy to deal with.

Only, the attack MP runs the same as the stamina, even faster! To be honest, you have to depend on the item shop at the very beginning, or your adventure will be tough, unless you would like to wait for the daily rewards.

Overall speaking, it’s a gorgeous work. The graphics and music really excites me. It’s not a game just take few days to pass over, and forget, but a game that have to be look over every day, and  you just can’t get rid of.




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Monster Paradise Monster Paradise
Become the strongest monster trainer by collecting and fusing over 500 unique monsters! Encounter fearsome monsters, journey through distant lands, and battle friends in Monster Paradise!

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