Enable Safari With Private Browsing With 'Privata'

Adria Ho

Using mobile Safari’s private browsing mode on an iOS device is a pain, because you have to activate and deactivate via the Settings app. Luckily, some iOS developers have created a new way to toggle the feature right from Mobile Safari.

The tweak, called Privata by iOS developers Rudolf Lichtner and Ravirajm, adds a new feature to the Action Button at the bottom of the Web browser interface that allows you to toggle private browsing without even having to go to the Settings application and navigate through settings panes to enable the feature:

The tweak is very clean, integrating seamlessly with the Mobile Safari Web browser and not requiring any type of non-native gestures or actions from the user to use. Privata does come with a preferences pane with one option – the ability to enable and disable the tweak on demand, however no other options are included.

When you toggle private browsing using Privata, the tweak changes the Web browser’s color to alert you that you have entered either private browsing mode or normal mode the same way it would if you used your time to go to the Settings application to do the same thing. There is no wait – the change is instant – and having the ability to toggle the feature right from the browser saves a lot of time because you can easily enter private browsing and exit it after you have finished using it with the tap of a button.

There is a bug in the current version of the tweak that records the first link you open after enabling private browsing. After you move to another link, it will no longer be recorded. You can avoid letting unwanted eyes see that first link by opening a pseudo-link before actually starting your Web browsing session. Privata is free and makes an important feature of iOS easier to use, be sure to give it a try.

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