The Ohfich: Wheel Of Fortune Comes to Windows Phone

Cindy Lai
Wheel of Fortune Wheel of Fortune
Are you ready to play America’s Game? Featuring over 1,800 puzzles crafted by the show writers, the Wheel of Fortune game lets you feel like a real contestant! All will run you $4.99.



Two official games all at one time? Windows Phone users today have great fortune in the area of games by having Sony Pictures Television drop two of America’s favorite game shows on to our beloved OS. Check out the Wheel of Fortune game below:

It’s always nice to see when official apps or even games arrive for Windows Phone and such is the case for Sony’s full Wheel of Fortune game. The game just landed on the Store today and we take it for a…spin. (Yes, bad puns are free folks, stay for the drinks).

The game is actually well done—snazzy graphics, smooth gameplay, some wicked guitar riffs but it’s the price that has us reeling: $4.99. Yup and mind you, this is not an Xbox for Windows Phone game, so no achievements. But hey, we took the bullet for you guys so you can watch our video review above.

Is it worth that money? Probably not, unless you’re a die-hard fan of the show and just can’t wait to try it on your phone. If that’s the case, as we said above it’s quite well done.

For the rest of you though, you would be much better served by grabbing ‘Wheel of Wealth’, which has excellent online gameplay and is completely free.

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