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Adria Ho

The official game of the World Rally Championship, and it features licensed cars, licensed drivers, and licensed muddy roads, WRC: The Game is finally available on Pandaapp. There aren't many rallying games on iOS!

The level of authenticity in WRC: The Game is hurled out of the mesh-filled windows once you realise you need to buy pretty much everything the game has to offer. The game itself is reminiscent of the glory days of virtual rally driving on the original PlayStation, when the likes of V-Rally and Colin McRae would chew you up and spit you out at every corner, and you spent more time crashing into pixellated trees than on the road.

There are three control options in WRC: The Game, including the slightly odd "analogue" setup - in which your steering and acceleration are at the mercy of a single thumbstick -and the more natural tilt and digital choices. You earn extra coins for doing ridiculous and dangerous things at the right time. Beating records and finishing towards the top of the leaderboard will fill up your coffers even more. ---Pocketgamer

[Giveaway] WRC: The Game is now a VIP game available on Pandaapp, but if you leave your comment for us on the post below, we will reward you as 10 Gold, and then you can exchange them for a VIP account to gain the game! Come guys, we have plenty of Gold now, and you know what you will earn!

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WRC: The Game WRC: The Game
Throw yourself headlong into drifts and jumps in a real rally with the official game of the WRC World Rally Championship! Feel the speed round every corner and take control of a real WRC car on the official tracks.

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