HTC 8S Review

Cindy Lai

The HTC 8S -- also known as the Windows Phone 8S by HTC -- is a mid-range mobile that will compete with the Nokia Lumia 820 and a horde of budget Android phones. Here's hoping it can do enough to prove itself worthy when it comes to the full review.


+ Should be cheap

+ Range of colours

+ Windows Phone 8 looks slick

+ MicroSD card slot


- Modest hardware

- No front-facing camera

If Windows Phone 8 is to be a rip-roaring success, it'll need phones that appeal to those of you shopping on a budget, as well as swanky high-end mobiles. HTC's 8X may be packed full of more powerful components, but the 8S -- also known as the Windows Phone 8S by HTC -- is a more wallet-friendly option that will compete with Nokia's Lumia 820.


The 4-inch 8S feels light and slim -- it's by no means a bulky phone, unlike many of HTC's slightly older efforts. It sports a blocky design with touch-sensitive buttons arranged beneath the screen.

HTC 8S controls

It feels a little plasticky to hold, but there's one advantage to this phone's more flexible casing -- the lower back of the phone snaps apart, revealing a slot to stow your microSD card, which means you can expand the storage.

The 480x800-pixel resolution isn't particularly high, but it doesn't look blurry. Although not technically HD, that pixel count should serve for tasks like web browsing or playing video.

A range of colour combinations are promised, though during my hands-on time, I only saw a grey and yellow variant and a black and white option, which have been called 'high-rise yellow' and 'domino black' respectively.

All things considered, this design didn't blow my mind, but I didn't notice the 8S feeling too cheap. It won't match the luxury of the Nokia Lumia 920, for instance, but as long as build quality is up to scratch, its style should serve well enough. It'll also be interesting to see how the 8S compares side-by-side with the Nokia Lumia 820's construction.

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