Let's Golf 2 bringing home the cup as the Xbox Live Deal of the Week

Cindy Lai
Lets Golf 2 Lets Golf 2
Let’s Golf 2 will be on sale for $1.99 for one week only, starting Wednesday (or Thursday for some people). Get it here on the Windows Phone Store. If you search for it by title at said store, remember the name is mispelled as 'Lets Golf 2.'



Let’s Golf 2 is now the Xbox Live deal of the week. It is down to $1.99 from the $4.99 regular price. The Windows Phone store seems to be taking a bit of time reflecting the new price so let us know if you don’t see the change yet.

Let’s Golf 2 is an arcade-style golf game modeled after Sony’s popular Hot Shots Golf franchise. Features include cartoony players, clean 3D graphics, six 18-hole courses, and both Career and Challenge modes. Even if you don’t care about the sport of golf at all (like me), the game is actually very enjoyable and easy to learn. Check out our full review for more details.

190 out of 200

Let's Golf 2

One of the reasons I wasn’t enthusiastic about Fusion: Sentient headlining the return of the Deal of the Week program, beyond the game’s utter crapulence, is that it suffers from a broken Achievement that the developers will never fix. Unfortunately, the same applies to Let’s Golf 2, except for the crapulence part.

Initially Let’s Golf 2 launched with two broken Achievements, though a subsequent patch fixed one of them. Unfortunately, the ‘Secret Code’ Achievement remains unattainable by design. That’s right, the Achievement’s requirement of inputting a special code in order to unlock the ninth golfer is simply impossible in the Windows Phone version of the game. Why the developers would do that, and how it slipped by Microsoft’s certification team, remains a mystery.

Still, if you can overlook that small blight on your GamerScore (I only have about 54 percent of my games completed anyway), Let’s Golf 2 remains a lengthy and fun title.

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