Babel Rising 3D bringing divine punishment to Xbox on Windows Phone Now

Cindy Lai
Babel Rising 3D Babel Rising 3D
Babel Rising 3D will soon be on the Windows Phone Store, courtesy of developer Mando Productions with Ubisoft publishing, go download the 41MB game from the Store now and give it a spin.



There’s something odd about a game that relives the biblical story of the Tower of Babel, especially since you play the angry god who seeks vengeance by murdering human construction crews.

It doesn’t scream to us “family fun” and in fact, we think it would have been more interesting to be the builders of the tower despite God trying to slay you. Once you complete the tower, you and your army storm heaven and you fight god. Now that's a game...

...But we digress.

Yes, Babel Rising 3D has landed early in the Store for Xbox and it fetches for $2.99 with a free trial, courtesy of developer Mando Productions with Ubisoft publishing. Yes, this is Ubisoft’s first Windows Phone title (Assassin’s Creed and Splinter Cell came from Gameloft under license from Ubisoft).

Babel Rising 3D

Babel Rising allows players to play god… Not just any god, but a vengeful god! Your worshippers have decided to build a tower to the heavens – a tower of Babel, if you will – and it’s your job to smite them into ashes and not allow them to use birth control no matter how much it makes sense to do so. You’ll smack them down using a variety of destructive powers including lightning, floods, earthquakes, and even meteor showers.

The game consists of 15 campaign levels plus an endless survival mode. To unlock new powers, you’ll need to replay levels and survival mode for Babel currency. Alternatively, you can buy currency with Microsoft Points to make things go faster. Let’s hope this game can actually connect to the Marketplace, unlike poor Extraction.

The description of the game is the best:

“Step into the sacred sandals of a great, almighty, and very angry deity. Hurl bolts of holy lightning, summon punishing earthquakes, and unleash vengeful floods upon the foolish and irreverent Humans  to prevent them from building the tower of Babel.”

Translation: Have a god complex? Then this game is for you. The first mission? It literally says “Kill 60 workers”, that's it. At least the missions are to the point.

The game itself is okay. The graphics, like most “3D” games are a bit rough and jaggy, something that will greatly improve with Windows Phone 8 games. We had some problems mastering “creating a rift” and it’s a bit like trying to squish little digital ants. It’s mildly fun but not exactly awe-inspiring either.

source: wpc

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