[Homebrew] Theme App getting a nice Update to make theming easier

Cindy Lai

Although the percentage of you who want to customize the Tiles on your Windows Phone is pretty small (not to mention technical limitations like being developer unlocked) the project by Windows Phone Hacker has had some success and interest. An update is in the works and it looks to be quite good for those who are into this scene.

We originally saw the Themes homebrew app released last December and now Jaxbot is looking to update the program with some new features and a redesign. Here's a quick demonstration video of the new upcoming application, Themes for Windows Phone version 2. The new version is a complete on-device version of the original, and should be a lot more pleasant to use than historical versions. At the same time, it does come with some limitations, so you'll have to excuse my honesty at the cost of your excitement.

No word on a release but it looks like the project is quite far along, so it shouldn’t be too long.

source: winowsphonehacker

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