How to Clear All Suspended Apps With Just a Swipe Gesture

Adria Ho


One thing that most of us wish Apple would let us do already is close out of all suspended applications in the App Switcher with just a tap, a swipe, or something that didn’t require multiple taps to close out of all the suspended applications.

A new free jailbreak tweak dubbed SwipeAway by iOS developer Sirifl0w adds the ability to close out of all the suspended applications in the App Switcher in a very native way that doesn’t add any kind of extraneous buttons to the interface. The tweak allows you to either swipe up, or swipe down on an application icon while in 'jiggle' mode, depending on the swipe gesture you choose from the settings application:

Video via IDB

You can adjust the gesture whenever you want to by simply selecting from the list and it will not require a respring each time you change it. The developer notes that you will achieve better performance if you choose the swipe up method, although we didn't notice any significant differences between the two.

As you perform your gesture, all of the applications will just disappear from plain sight and your multitasking App Switcher will be empty. This frees up all of the memory being used by suspended applications.

SwipeAway requires iOS 5 (it will not work on iOS 6) and is compatible with Zephyr. If you hate manually closing the suspended applications in the multitasking App Switcher and have been looking for a simple way to close them all in one gesture, SwipeAway is the tweak for you.


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