Cool app review: Cool Tool for Android

Allen Phoenix
Coolest tool ever! Because it "always on top" :) |You can miss this Cool Tool on your Android!|practical:4;operability:4;Creativity:3;


Hey pandaapp fans, today I want to review a very cool app, I say it is cool, because its name is Cool tool LoL!

It is developed by Deviant Studio.

Ok, now let’s talk about this cool stuff in detail. You can view a variety of system info with Cool Tool for Android.

This little tool shows some system info such as

CPU Load meter

Free RAM meter

CPU Frequency indicator

2g/3g Traffic meter-

Battery Status indicator

Current Time indicator

OK now I will show you how it works. I use my Sony Erricson Xperia Neo to give you this review. My phone has a 1GHz CPU and 512 RAM.

Cool tool setting interface

Once you open this app, you go to a setting interface

You can choose the Draw Chart you want to show : There are five options for you (look at the screen shot)


You can also change the text color and the background color from the options. I would like to show a blue text while the background shows yellow.

Select the Update frequency from the update interval option. I would like to know the situation of my phone every second so I choose 1.



I have wifi network in my office so I would like to show a wifi+Mobile interface.

What information I want to show my phone? I guess I want to show all of them , so I tick them all.


What’s more You can change the additonal width, Font size, text&Background opacity.

Show the information after press the show panel button

Ok , Now I’ve finish the settings. What I have to do is just press the “show panel” button, and close settings. Press the home button. The Panel is right on the screen now. It shows Time(00:59 am) Battery(92%) CPU consumed (18%) CPU Speed(1024Mhz) RAM condition(79 5KB)

Game playing test

Now I want to check my performance when playing a game. While I opened the Angry birds Rio the CPU consumption is up to 94%! And the memory consumption is up to 44 34 KB. But after a while you can see the CPU consumption drop to 54% very quickly.


While I was playing this game the CPU percentage is around 80%.

HD Video play test

How is my phone perform when watch a HD video? I play a 8000 kbps VOB format music video from Bruno Mars. You can see the CPU consumption is around 51% and the CPU speed slow down to 768MHz ( I guess it means my phone has a strong CPU J)but the memory consumption is up to 65 146 KB.

Web browsing test

I use my default web browser to give this test. And the internet condition is Wi-fi. I open You can see the CPU consumption is about 40% with a frequency of 1024MHz.But the RAM consumption up to a high 498.07 MB. So I guess my the memory of my phone (512MB) is not big enough.


OK I guess my phone has a very strong CPU .

Anyone who thinks you have a better phone than mine can download this app and show us what you got.

And hey, if your phone is weaker than mine don’t say a word! lol!


The good: With this app you can have all information about your phone in your fingertips.

The bad: This app shows everything but you just can’t control anything. I suggest the developer to add some RAM clean up or CPU adjust function. This way can make this app better and useful.


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