Strategy and RPG Epic ‘Tap Legend’ Gets More Fantasy Features

Adria Ho


It’s sadly if you own a kingdom and don’t want to be a King. Now you got a never die civilization, you should take your step to be a King! iFree studio’s gorgeous strategy and RPG game Tap Legend, which owns exquisite graphics and comprehensive gaming system, has just received a great update. The new version gets Enchanting and Disenchanting systems, Sacrifice system, and plays have a blacklist now, which block out someone’s words on the Chat box.

We have a detailed review about Tap Legend before, and the producer had also announced the game will be updated regularly along with the fixing of glitches and bugs. iFree Studio want this game to be an rounded game, and a comfortable place for players to interact. Now the new update is pretty comfortable, just following their words, and I really like the fantasy new systems.

First is the blacklist. The game has gathered round a great number of players, as well as players with annoying ads and harassment. Now you can add someone’s name to the Blacklist, and then all the activation from this guy will be blocked out from your eyesight. This is just a little button, but a sweet update for a nice community.

The Enchanting factory: The cradle of the king

Now you have own a kingdom, brand new systems would help you to take first step to become a king. In the new version, when your city got enhanced to level 101 (if you are a familiar player, that’s not a block to you, right?), there will appear a new building called Enchanting Factory. And by Enchanting and Disenchanting your equipments when your factory got level 100. The Enchanting will add a random feature to your equipment. The maximum of the new feature would change as the factory level enhances. And so, you can create unique equipments only for your own.

The Enchanting will cost jades, but the jades are so hard to gain. Now thanks the new Disenchanting system, you get a nice way to get jades. By Disenchanting your never Enchanted equipments or debris, you will gain new jade. That’s a nice production factory!

The factory will appear on here

Sincere creates King

So this is a fantasy and magic game. In the new Sacrifice system, you will meet five Gods, who are going to help you a lot to make a great develop in the City and the Army. Five Gods will release different rewards to your business, the wisdom, the army, one of the God event give you the jades directly. And be sincerely, you might got surprising rewards, sometimes 2 times, and event 4 times rewards will happen as well.

The Sacrifice system entry will be here.

Tap Legend is now available on the App Store for free. Got some much news, you are not going to miss it.

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