Pokemon and Simulation Classic Monster's Life Review

Adria Ho


If you are someone who have been struggling to find a nice game with both comfortable and seductive graphics, the game is gonna end up your searching. Like most Simulation titles, Monster's Life is released as a new freemium game. But unlike other simulation titles, it’s not all about raising and nurturing monsters, it’s also a Pokemon, something more with challege.

I really love its very adorable paper style graphics and sweet UI. Most colors are soft, but it’s nearly all yellow over through every place of the UI, that not so comfortable for eyes, especially for mobile device, too bright.

You start as a young trainer to manage your own monster and manage your monster manor, and beat the other trainers with your monsters. If you are a newer, there will be step by step guides. When you finished most news’ quest, you can figure it out easily.

There are 4 different islands, and 36 different battle area waiting for you to explore. You will meet other trainers and also wild monsters. Beat other trainers, you and your monsters will get to higher levels and you might get different items for your monster, such like claws, if you got luck. And if you defeat a wild monster, you can capture it with a monster ball. Very classic Pokemon experience. And the battles between are turn-based, you know what it is, so the control is very simple, all touch based.

And don’t forget to manage your manor, where you raising and nurturing monsters. There are six houses and a Life Stone, you star with Training Center, Monsters house, Warehouse and The Ancient tree. The level of other houses cannot be higher than the Ancient tree’s. When you come to a specific level, you can unlock other houses.

You can user most three monsters in the battle. Equip them with weapons and armors, to defeat your enemies. Every monster gets its endearing personality, as well as the cool ability. So the wisdom is how to use them.

When you reached level 15, you can visit online friends to gain more stamina points. And when you got level 30, you can unlock the Arena mode. A nice social idea, who’s monsters are most powerful?

Overall speaking, it’s a very nice Simulation. But plot is so poor. It’s you might feel a lot repeat during the battles until you unlocked the Arena mode. But it could take my time to play it. As I mentioned before, Monster's Life is totaly free on the App Store, and I feel no hard to start without in-app purchase.

Monster's Life Monster's Life
"[Monster's Life] is a large SLG mobile game base on the theme of monster battle. If you're familiar with the monster pets game, such as [Pocket Monster],[ SEER ], [The Dragon Knight], than you should not miss out on this game.

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