Ragdoll Run v1.2 out now!

Cindy Lai
Ragdoll Run Ragdoll Run
Ragdoll Run Premium removes ads to provide you with more screen space. Trial version is the full game with ads. Easy to pick up. Impossible to put down. Ragdoll Run Premium ad-free version can be downloaded below for only .99 cents


It seems our friends over at Dawnbreak Studios has been hard at work improving their wildly popular game Ragdoll Run. We were first to report the coming of their first original game Papa Joe a year ago, so it brings us great joy to see the studio doing extremely well on the charts with close to 3300 reviews leaving them with a solid 4.5 rating. It has been downloaded in more than 250k times leaving it in the Top 5 free game in most countries. Not bad at all when not even games with the acclaimed “Xbox” status garner as much.

Ragdoll Run Ragdoll Run
Dawnbreak Studios presents a mind blowing new take on free-runners. Venture into a spectacular world of ragdolls and compete against the whole world online! The free version with ads can be downloaded here!


This is what’s new:

- Added a Settings menu
- Alternative controller options
- Graphic settings to improve gameplay on older devices
- Three different Difficulty options
- Improved responsiveness
- Added large coins (worth two normal coins)

Ragdoll Runs was recently upgraded to version 1.2 that is said to have improved responsiveness and compatibility on older devices. Along with that, it also adds alternative controller options, graphical enhancements on older devices and three different difficulty options.

Ragdoll Run is currently in the top 5 free games in most countries and has beendownloaded more than 250.000 times.

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