[Video] Give Windows Phone 8 a voice-actuated camera with ReadyClick!

Cindy Lai
ReadyClick! ReadyClick!
Overall, ReadyClick! is quite fun and highly recommended. You can pick it up for $1.99 here in the Windows Phone Store and there is a fully functional trial.


“ReadyClick”, a new “lens” app for the Windows Phone 8 is now available! It allows users to get in front of their photo before it is taken and yell out ready..click to commence a timer that will eventually take the group photos you have always wanted. This creates hassle free shots that you once before could not participate in unless you were The Flash. Below are photos of this cool app as well as full description!

Built for Windows Phone 8, it allows you take a photo just by using your voice—perfect for getting those group shots and not having to worry about a timer. The app is both a Tile and Lens for the camera, making it quickly available for regular usage. Once launched you have a few options including snapping a photo instantly, using a standard (but configurable) timer or the voice activation.

It’s of course the latter function that really makes this app.

The voice activation works by tapping the on-screen button (or pushing the shutter key). Once it is engaged, it listens for the command “Ready Click!” and then begins an audible 3-second countdown. Heck, with its robotic voice, it can even speak “Say Cheese!” before snapping the photo.

The program comes with quite a few options too, including if you want it to say "cheese", what to do with the shutter key, whether or not it should take one or two photos, etc. There were a few hiccups though as the LED light (aka flash) wasn’t engaging on our Lumia 920 (neither did the AF lamp) and it’s a bit annoying that you can’t view your photos after snapping them. But those are just minor things for what is a really unique app.

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