OpenBackup: Best Jailbreak Backup Solutions on Cydia

Adria Ho
iDownloadblog has introduced a new excellent jailbreak tweak OpenBackup, it could safely backing up and restoring your Cydia tweaks with the iCloud and it's totaly free.


iDownloadblog has introduced a new excellent jailbreak tweak OpenBackup, it could safely backing up and restoring your Cydia tweaks with the iCloud and it's totaly free.

What makes OpenBackup so promising is how ridiculously easy it is to use. There’s no setup, no configuration; you just backup and restore. It’s as simple as 1-2-3.

What’s great about OpenBackup is that it totally relies on iCloud. It saves a list of all of your free Cydia apps and tweaks on iCloud, along with their preferences. On restore, it downloads every item on the list from Cydia, and replaces the preference files so that all of your settings are restored. It’s remarkable how simple it is.

And while it’s true that other backup solutions do the same, iCloud is the real difference maker here. Since your device is already connected to iCloud, there’s no logging in, no setting up credentials, or anything like that. It automatically knows your device, and can restore to the device with a simple press of the restore button.

Although I really like this app, it does have some room for improvement; improvement in two areas, actually.

Area one: The interface. Simply put, it looks like something I could design in Microsoft Paint. It’s definitely not Apple-esque, and it looks almost questionably rudimentary. It might make you think, “Should I even store my stuff with this thing?”

Area two: Lack of options. It’s okay to be simple, but this is over-the-top simple. In fact, there’s no easy way to display what’s being backed up and restored.

One last gripe is that it can’t backup your paid apps and tweaks. I understand that this is due to the need for credentials, but it’s still a small gripe. As of now, it can only backup and restore free tweaks, but that’s just a minor gripe in the grand scheme of things.

Overall, OpenBackup is an excellent first release, and has plenty of promise for the future. Best of all, you can download it for free.

So what do you think about this tweak? Tell us your feel about this tweak on the comments area below.

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