Exclusive For Nokia iBomber Defense sneaks onto Xbox Windows Phone

Cindy Lai
iBomber Defense iBomber Defense
iBomber Defense costs $2.99 and has a free trial. It works great on both WP7 and WP8 (though it did crash on my Lumia 920 once so far). You can view its WP Store page here, but the game can only be purchased from Nokia Lumia phones.

The classic defense game iBomber Defense created by Chillingo is now available to those with Nokia Lumia devices! This game comes as a Xbox Live enabled title so for all those achievement seekers out there get ready for war! Take a look below for descriptions and trailer of this great game below:

The newly released Xbox Windows Phone game is iBomber Defense from Chillingo (EA) and Scottish developer Cobra Mobile. Like Jet Set Go, this one wasn’t part of the first 20 exclusive games announced by EA, so there could be even more titles included in the exclusivity deal that we don’t know about.

Tower time

As the name might’ve clued you in, iBomber Defense is a tower defense game. That genre is a little overpopulated on some platforms, but not Xbox Windows Phone where all we have are Plants vs Zombies, both geoDefense games, and Zombie Attack 2. Unlike those games, iBomber utilizes a realistic military theme, with the player’s towers fending off attacking soldiers, tanks, ships, planes, and the like.

iBomber is a highly approachable game, thanks in part to the art style reminiscent of Flight Control. It plays a lot like the first geoDefense, with enemies approaching from one or two points and following set paths towards the player’s base. By building and upgrading towers as soon as you can afford them, you’ll hopefully keep the foes at bay and protect your base’s precious hearts.

Lots to defend

The game consists of two campaigns (one for each side of the conflict), each with Achievements for perfection completion (not taking damage). The campaign difficulty seems quite reasonable when played on a lower difficulty setting – you can even rewind back to a previous wave if things get go all Saving Private Ryan on you. Players looking for a challenge can simply crank up the difficulty. I’d save the higher difficulty for your Quick Play mode playthroughs though.

Quick Play mode allows players to jump into any of the 22 missions they’ve unlocked from the campaign. Most of the Achievements revolve around perfect Quick Play completions on various difficulty levels. Here’s a pretty good guide if you need help. Additionally, the Windows Phone port includes two bonus missions which might be new to this version, much like the Mango levels in Chillingo’s Contre Jour.

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