The Official WWE App Slams Into the Windows Phone Store

Cindy Lai
Catch up with all the latest action in the WWE universe from the official WWE Windows Phone 8 application.

Did you use to be a big fan of professional wrestling back in the day? Did you use to spare fours hours a week, every week (no matter if you were having final exams) for SmackDown and RAW?

That was until you realized how stupid the idea of men fighting each other in front of a large audience was. Why not fight elsewhere? Why create a fuss in front of the public?

You still kept watching, though, because it was so gosh darn fun to see two muscly men beat the living life out of each other.

But then, you were informed that even the fights were fake. Yes, professional wrestling is completely scripted. From who gets punched first, who jumps from the top of the cage, who wins and when, it’s all decided well before the match even gets discussed in front of the public. You hate to break it to you this way, kid, but it’s the truth!

So, that was it for you. But there are millions of people out there who, despite knowing that Undertaker’s record of being undefeated at WrestleMania is scripted and decided by writers, enjoy the sport / spectacle because, as you said before, it’s fun to watch two grown men fight the hell out of each other.

For those WWE fans who own an iPhone, iPad or an Android smartphone, I have good news: the company has released an official app for Windows Phone and it is pretty powerful.

The Official WWE app has slammed into the Windows Phone Store. The app is completely free but only available for Windows Phone 8 devices. You can check out the Hall of Fame, Power Rankings, Divas and more.

With the WWE app, you can get the latest breaking news from world of WWE, browse through the humungous library of latest and legendary videos and watch them on your iOS device or use AirPlay with Apple TV to see them on the big screen, enjoy photos and unspecified “exclusive content” through the app. You can also look at your favorite wrestlers’ profiles which show their history / milestones, recent videos and photos etc.

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