Best Android Phones 2011

Allen Phoenix
We’ve compiled our 2011 annual list of 10 top Android phones. Lets see which phone rated the best of the best! The list includes Android smartphones released and sold in January 2011 – December 2011 in mostly U.S. Android device recommendations from the experts at

10. HTC Thunderbolt(Verizon)

What once was our #1 six months ago is now #10. The HTC Thunderbolt (Verizon) lead the way for 4G LTE smartphones on Big Red’s network this year. Despite not having a dual-core processor, it still is pretty speedy under the hood. The rear camera is capable of snapping up to 8 megapixel pics and recording HD video while the front offers video calling via Skype. The screen is HTC signature large and luscious, sports Dolby surround sound, wireless DLNA capability for streaming media to your TV without wires, and you can’t forget the kick stand!

The good: The HTC ThunderBolt offers incredibly fast 4G data speeds. The Android 2.2 smartphone also supports simultaneous voice and data over 3G and boasts a large 4.3-inch touch screen, ample storage, and an excellent camera.

The bad: Battery life takes a big hit when using 4G. There is no way to toggle between 3G and 4G.

The bottom line: The HTC ThunderBolt lights up with blazingly fast data speeds, but those who want 4G now should be aware that it takes a big toll on the smartphone's battery life.

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