The most useful apps for Android in 2011

Allen Phoenix
Top Ten Essential Android Apps – New to an Android device? Check out our top ten list of essential Android applications in 2011.


1.PandaApp for Android

What's new:
Fix the bug of force to close (occured on some phone models) when the download begins.


If the download file is a zip form, you can't install it on your Android device. What you have to do is unzip them on your PC, them put the files into the right folder. This kind of zip files include game data.


Pandaapp Android fans, we have a good news for you.Pandaapp for Android updated to Version 1.1.1 Pandapp is a free app that allows you to visit Pandaapp Android with your mobile phone (Android only).


Now check out the detailed introduction of the new version below.

Our Dev team makes a great change on this new version! Now we have a brand new U.I design. Add some very special functions. Ok, now don’t take your eyes off this introduction.

Home Page:Brand New Design to Guide You Well

There are six sections in our new version: Android News , Apps Center & Games Center. And a brand new Editor’s choice section. We also provide a more powerful Search engine and a Feedback section.

App of  Today: Everyday Gift for You

In our home page. We will show an app of today broadcast below. Every day we will recommend a nice game for our fans. Touch the broadcast photo to get more information about this app and start a download.

Android News: Keep Yourself Updated

In Android News section you can read our latest News and articles about Android and make comments on them. Press “show Comments” button underneath to show all of the comments. Come guys, give us more comments, your support is our power to make our website better.

When you enter an article, you can click the picture to enlarge it. There is a zoom in&out button underneath.  Also you can use the multi-touch gesture to change the size of the photo.

Android Apps & Games: Where the Amazing Is

In the Android apps & Games section ,you can check out and download the most popular Apps & Games. Once you click the download button, your phone will start download automatically. What’s more , Pandaapp for Android also provide the search function which allows you to search the apps & games you want.

Editor’s Choice:  We Know What You Want!

In the Editor’s choice section you can download apps recommended by some of our Editors. Each line of the app icon belongs to one of the app or game category. Click and enter to find more games in this category.

Feedback : You Can Make Pandaapp Better!

Think our app is not the one you’ve been dreamed of? Never mind buddy!  Now you can give us your ideas and suggestions in Feedback section. Any comments and suggestions are welcome! We will try our best to meet your needs. So come on fans, don’t be shy! Tell us what you need!

Download Pandaapp now from Android Download center, start to experience the world’s best Android app for yourself!

Feel free to hand in bugs and put forward your suggestions by leaving comments here.

Or you can send E-mail to

We will try our best to make it better. Thanks.


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